Lisa offers multi-modality sessions; your session may comprise of any/or all combinations of Intuitive ReikiClinical Hypnotherapy, Channelling, and NLP. Lisa offers all of herself to you during this session, you get all her experience, knowledge, and abilities, all her love, kindness, intuition, and energy. This also means that each session may be slightly different as she evaluates what will best serve you. Most of the time, you may not even realise all the different modalities she is using, as they all flow seamlessly.

Lisa can also offer Intuitive Readings during your session, channelling her Spirit Guide Anya. These are life enhancing and affirming, they offer a soul-level perspective and can help direct your energy towards positive outcomes and give you the courage to take quantum leaps towards manifesting your goals.


“With the use of Hypnotherapy, I gently guide my clients to experience the changes that they desire”. Lisa Brandis combines years of formal training and study, with her fine tuned intuition to create a unique session tailored specifically for you and the changes you wish to see... read more>

workshops & events

Through years of personal and professional experience as a Reiki Master/Teacher, Lisa Brandis has developed a reputation as being a highly skilled workshop facilitator and has taught hundreds of clients from all over Western Australia. ... read more>